The Silver Social delivers a varied programme of activities and events by professional artists with different specialisations. Held in familiar venues within rural communities across Breckland, residents can experience a range of high quality arts activities on their doorstep. 

Through workshops and performances, the sessions are an opportunity to develop skills and participate in different activities within their community, at little or no cost. The sessions are a safe and welcoming place to try something a little different and enjoy each other's company.

 The workshops are open to everyone - no experience required!

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Anna Mudeka

Joe Mace & Carl Cole


Previous Silver Social Artists:

Martin Figura

Martin Figura is a poet, photographer, winner of the 1975 RAPC Apprentice College Accountancy Prize and was recently described as a pleasant sixty-year-old gentleman (hospital referral letter).

He is toured his second word show Dr Zeeman’s Catastrophe Machine for the Silver Social. It received major Arts Council Funding and was shortlisted for the Saboteur 2018 Best Spoken Word Show.


The ladies of Spiltmilk Dance offer creative sessions across the country, incorporating movement exercises, storytelling, craft - and of course, tea and cake! Working in the heart of communities with people aged 2-102, they blend dance, sketch comedy and pop culture, looking at it's ability to unite people from different walks of life. Visit the Spiltmilk website



The Foundry Group is a band of writers and performers committed to producing affordable, popular, intelligent touring shows with a broad appeal. Their performance of the acclaimed musical comedy, The Ministry of Biscuits - by international best-selling novelist Philip Reeve and playwright and composer Brian Mitchell - delighted audiences with with their tour of Breckland's libraries. 



Norwich based freelance artist providing design and illustration services, printmaking and arts tuition. Using varied practice, often combining digital and traditional printmaking techniques to produce imagery for a range of applications including prints, posters, branding, textiles, interior products and wall vinyls.

Vicki has a background in surface pattern design and printmaking and have 8+ years experience working on a wide variety of arts projects and commissions. 

Her own practice is often inspired by folklore, the surreal and fantastic and vintage illustrations and patterns, often including birds and wildlife. Vicki produces limited edition prints and products to sell at events and exhibitions and is a co-founder of Print to the People, an artist led, social enterprise dedicated to the production and promotion of traditional printmaking processes. 

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Kate Dimbleby, internationally acclaimed artist and singing daughter of Britain’s broadcasting family of voices, has traveled the world with her one woman shows about singers including Peggy Lee, Nina Simone and Bessie Smith. Having brought her unique workshop to libraries, towns and villages in Breckland, Kate encourages you to explore your voice, listen and remember the songs and sounds that inspire you.

“Kate is amazing and such great fun.  Her ability to get everyone involved was fantastic”

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Lisa little

"My practice involves a passion for textiles and stitch and I work both as a textile illustrator and a costume maker my practice being fuelled and formed by historical costume and contemporary craft. I tend to collect techniques, but aim to use them all and to teach others as well. I fold paper and construct spherical pieces of work. I have been making and selling dolls for the past 15 years, specifically fairy and mermaid dolls and have more recently expanded thematically to include fairy and folktales and literary figures too, such as Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood. I fold and stitch details of tiny garments, specimens in their own right as well as full sized accurate counterparts. Most recently it has been machine stitch that I have been working with and printing techniques based around the stitched/drawn line. I stitch drawings which I call textile illustrations and these tend to be themed around current inspirations such as the North Norfolk coastline and garden birds."

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Glass house Dance

Glass House Dance was set up by Sarah Lewis and Laura McGill to take the high art of contemporary dance into the heart of the community. They create essentially human, touching dance pieces with wide appeal for performance in public spaces.

Glass House Dance offers opportunity. People of all ages are invited to experience dance, working with professionals in a process of intergenerational collaboration, exploration and play. It is a shared route, a journey to celebrate the commonality of being human. Everybody carries a story within and the beauty and challenge of Glass House Dance is to set those stories in motion.

Laura and Sarah are visionary dance artists, choreographers and teachers living in Norfolk. They have worked with all ages in schools and the community, sharing experience, inspired by the rich complexities of being human.


Sarah Harley

"With specialisms in print and textiles, I use a range of media to create art works, installations and participatory art projects which explore and investigate different aspects of human society and culture. I practice from my studio in Norfolk and deliver art projects in collaboration with museums and organisations in a range of locations."