Bringing the Personal Touch to Cyanotype

Residents of Ashill loved artist Vicki Johnson's penultimate Cyanotype printing workshop yesterday, with many return visitors bringing their own photographs to incorporate into the artwork. 

Over the past few weeks villagers have been encouraged to share their own photos and memories of life in Ashill, as they have been sifting through images from the Village Archive.  Vicki was able to turn some of these photos into negatives which could then be incorporated to create personal prints that reflect individual experiences. Some shared pictures from village fetes gone by, others included themselves or their pets, including some real characters! 

With Vicki's final Cyanotype workshop on Wednesday 18th October, 11am - 4pm. all of the artworks created by residents will then be exhibited at the Community Centre on Saturday 21st October between 12 - 4pm.

Villagers are encouraged to come along and admire the creations, exploring Ashill past and present through this unique art form. All events are FREE to attend, so come along! 

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Artist Vicki Hits the Street in Ashill

After a series a successful Cyanotype print workshops at Ashill Community Centre, today artist Vicki Johnson took to the streets of Ashill. Armed with examples of what can be achieved through this simple exposure process. Vicki loaded her art cart and headed down to the village green, where she used the natural power of sunlight to expose post card size images. The tour of the village comes ahead of Vicki's penultimate workshop, this Wednesday 11th October at Ashill Community Centre, with the final chance for residents to experience this unique print making on Wednesday 18th October. 

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Print artist Vicki Johnson takes her art cart around Ashill 

Print artist Vicki Johnson takes her art cart around Ashill 

Fantastic turnout in Ashill for Second Cyanotype workshop

Word has spread among the residents of Ashill, with fantastic numbers showing their support for new local activities with a great turn out for Vicki Johnson's second Cyanotype workshop yesterday, as part of our Silver Social artist residency at Ashill Community Centre. 

This week's workshop placed emphasis on 3D textures, incorporating objects from the local landscape (which Vicki had collected earlier that morning) into the prints. Some return visitors brought along their own personal photographs, sharing moments of times gone by and reflecting on the change of landscape and re purposing of old buildings within the village. Vicki took photographs of these to turn into negatives and will bring them along to the next workshop (Monday 9th October, 12pm - 4pm) for further experimentation. 

Don't miss your chance to experiment with these beautiful prints and see them exhibited in the Community Centre on Saturday 21st October. Full details of workshops on our Upcoming Events.

Ashill Welcomes Vicki Johnson for an Introduction to Cyanotype

Residents of Ashill have been enchanted by specialist printmaking artist Vicki Johnson, who has launched her residency at Ashill Community Centre with a workshop demonstrating traditional Cyanotype printing.

Vicki introduced this fascinating process which combines photography with collage, to create stunning blue prints - with instant results! The drop in session allowed residents to pop in throughout the afternoon to see what it was all about and if they had time, have a go at making their own print.

Vicki chatted over tea and old photos of the village from the Ashill Village History archive, which she had inverted and printed on sheets of acetate. This allowed participants to create collages centred on Ashill; featuring landmarks such as the village signs or the iconic ducks who inhabit the village green. Vicki had also collected small 3-D objects such as feathers and brambles from the playing field, to be incorporated into the work.

So what exactly is Cyanotype?

Cyanotype is a photography process that produces blue prints, thanks to the iron compound chemicals in the solution used.  Originally introduced in 1842 by Sir John Herschel, the process was advanced to reduce the exposure times and increase the density range, thanks to a more complicated and toxic recipe of chemicals.

The process:

Potassium ferricyanide and Ferric ammonium citrate (green) are separately mixed with water before being blended together in equal parts. The paper or card is coated with the solution, before being dried in the dark. To create the print UV light is required, so objects or inverted photos printed on acetate are placed on a light box, before being exposed for 3 minutes and 20 seconds. To process the image it’s simply rinsed in water to wash away the chemicals, allowing you to see your blue print rapidly emerging from the water. The print is then dried and mounted on proud display!

Vicki’s next workshops takes place on Wednesday 4th October at Ashill Community Centre, so pop in and see what cyanotyping is all about. You can even bring your own photos or small objects (the flatter the better) for experimentation with this amazing process. All prints created by residents will be exhibited on Saturday 21st October, 12pm – 4pm at the Community Centre.

All events are part of the Silver Social artist residencies and are free to attend! Join us for the next event in Ashill or one of the other target villages (Necton, Mattishall, Harling and Shipdham), full details in our Upcoming events


Cyanotype prints produced by residents in Ashill

Cyanotype prints produced by residents in Ashill