Vicki Johnson 

"I am a Norwich based freelance artist providing design and illustration services, printmaking and arts tuition. I have a varied practice, often combining digital and traditional printmaking techniques to produce imagery for a range of applications including prints, posters, branding, textiles, interior products and wall vinyls.

I have a background in surface pattern design and printmaking and have 8+ years experience working on a wide variety of arts projects and commissions. 

My own practice is often inspired by folklore, the surreal and fantastic and vintage illustrations and patterns. My work often includes birds and wildlife - I am a nature documentary fan. I produce limited edition prints and products to sell at events and exhibitions. 

I’m also a co-founder of Print to the People, an artist led, social enterprise dedicated to the production and promotion of traditional printmaking processes. Print to the People provide a varied course programme which I am one of the tutors."

For more information about Vicki's work visit www.printtothepeople.com